Regenerative Medicine : Therapeutic Applications

Regenerative Medicine : Therapeutic Applications  Photo

 Regenerative techniques have various techniques that are used in Organ Regeneration includes Stem cell therapy, Cell Transplantation, specific Stem cell niche, decellularization, recellularization of Tissue Scaffolds, Organ printing, Adult Stem cells and Xenotransplantation. Significant Advancement in Regenerative Dentistry with more clinical applications. Therapeutic applications of Regenerative medicine in Adipose derived Stem cells, Epithelial Progenitor Stem cells, Spermatogonial Stem cells, Skin derived precursors, Pancreatic Progenitor cells, Inner Ear Stem cells, etc. Mesenchymal Stem cells are effective in therapeutics. Production of patient specific treatment. Induced Pluripotent Stem cells have enormous potential in therapeutics in the Field of Tissue engineering and Cell therapy.

  • Implantable Grafts
  • Tissue Healing and Remodeling
  • Wound Healing and Wound Care
  • 3D Organoids
  • Dental Tissue Engineering
  • Organ Engineering

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